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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my denture fit so well, and my spouse’s denture fits poorly?

Everyone’s anatomy is different! Some people have amazing bone structure to hold in a denture, and others may struggle with them forever. We are here to help you find the best option for you and work with you through your transition into being a denture wearer.


Why does my lower denture not fit as well as my upper denture?

Upper dentures are able to suction onto the palate or roof of your mouth, but for lower dentures there is just the ridge of the arch to hold onto. Over time the tissues and bones in your mouth shrink away and this causes a lower denture to almost ‘float’ in your mouth. Lower suction dentures can help improve the fit and function of a lower denture, call to book a free consultation and we can assess whether you may be a good candidate for this treatment option. Another option is to have implants placed on your lower arch. This will significantly improve the overall function and fit of your lower denture.

Can I repair my own denture with crazy glue?

Repairing your own denture is NOT a good idea, but we would be happy to fix it for you! Never glue a broken denture because this often renders dentures irreparable. We are able to complete most repairs in a couple hours in either of our locations for your convenience.

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