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We are currently open for appointments only in both Trail and Castlegar locations. Please click here to read about our Covid-19 protocols.

Serving patients in Trail, Castlegar and the surrounding areas, Record Ridge Denture Clinic offers personal denture and implant care for people of all ages. Offering decades of experience, the team at Record Ridge will discuss all the options available with you, to help you make the best decision to regain your beautiful smile.


At Record Ridge Denture Clinic we are constantly striving to provide current, affordable, high quality denture and implant care to all of our patients. We continuously educate ourselves on new techniques and technologies in our field, to both aid in patient care and staff experience. We also are passionate about our communities, how we can give back to them and how we can aid in providing denture care to those in need.

What's new at Record Ridge?

Lower Suction Dentures

The denturists at Record Ridge are now certified in this revolutionary method. This technique was invented by the renowned Dr. Jiro Abe of Japan and is used in conjunction with the BPS (Bio-functional Prosthetic System) to help create an incredibly well fitting denture. Check out Dr. Abe’s website for videos and more information on lower suction dentures.

Digital Dentures

Leticia and Tara traveled to Chicago in February to attend LMT Lab Day 2018 and to Phoenix in September, to learn all about the new and exciting world of digital dentures! By using this method to create dentures, it allows for exceptional precision and incomparable fit. To continue their education, Leticia and Tara have been attending classes at the Trail Midas Fab Lab, where they will be able to broaden their knowledge of scanning, 3D printing and milling. Within the next three to six months, we plan to open digital labs in both our Trail and Castlegar locations!



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